SystemVision Evaluation

Created on Jul 15, 2020 | 8:59 am / Last Updated 3 months 2 weeks ago

SystemVision Evaluation
o Mike LED Sepic Demo
o Andrei Velcescu - BLDC & H-bridge motor drive
o Christian Radici - Double Pulse test kit
o Andy Berry - SPICE/MODEL support

Evaluation text:
Regarding the overall SystemVision and “tunable parameters” function: our first milestone is to implement a proto-Tool (Rohm-like).
This will include the following steps (which can be used as evaluation criteria):
• Implementation of working demo circuits
• Electrical simulations demos: time and frequency domain
• Benchmark of electric simulations results (for ex. with Double Pulse circuit)
• Benchmark of thermal simulation results (for ex. with PSMN-Flo.vs.SC)
• Creation of Nexperia parts Library
• Integration of Nexperia datasheets or Appnotes within a circuit
• Integration of Verilog models for MOSFETs
• Implementation of tunable parameters: how they work, how we can use them
• Embed the solution on a web page
• Testing of the proto-tool
• Tool accuracy compared to other simulators (Saber/SPICE)
• Usability
Regarding the “secret group” function: we will use it first internally and for testing purposes. Then we could look into using it for particular helpdesk requests with FAEs or customers.

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