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Mike Donnellyjoined November 8, 2013

posted Wednesday, March 16, 2016 | 8:20 pm PDT

Ideal “sources” are essential components on every simulation schematic. They represent the external stimulus and operating conditions for the circuit or system under test. SystemVision provides a basic set of voltage and current sources (i.e. constant, pulse, sine, etc.) that are expected in all circuit simulators. But we also provide much more versatile “function generators” that operate like the lab instruments for which they are named. The user can select the function type and all its relevant parameters, while the function generator is in-place in the circuit. There is no need to change the source component in order to change the stimulus type!

In addition, because SystemVision is more than an analog circuit simulator, it also provides function generators for general and non-electrical technologies, such as thermal, magnetic and mechanical. When combined with our other behavioral models (e.g. PWM, FM, Constant Power, etc.) and multi-discipline system models (heater, electro-magnet, LVDT, etc.), you have all the sources necessary for multi-discipline system simulation.

This short video provides more information on the capabilities and use of our Function Generators:

You can find the 3 design examples shown in this video here:

Op-Amp Test Circuit:

Multi-purpose Quantity Source:

Quarter-Car on Railroad Ties:




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