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bgoodrjoined January 13, 2018

posted Monday, February 5, 2018 | 7:34 am PST

On Ubuntu 17.10 Linux, using Firefox 58.0.1, navigating to:

shows this:


But, logging into the system, then clicking the Blog link (, and then clicking on the "SystemVision Blog: Energy Harvesting for Industrial IoT and Automotive Applications" blog, shows this URL:

and that renders properly as:

Notice the design at the bottom image is rendered properly, but the one at the top did not.

I'm believing this is true regardless of whether or not you are logged in.

Unfortunately, I do not have a recollection where I landed on the former link. I'm reporting this only after having sent the former link to a friend who discovered this on a different platform and browser (but this does not seem to be browser-dependent AFAICT).








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