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bgoodrjoined January 13, 2018

posted Monday, January 22, 2018 | 7:37 am PST

Use case

I am using the description to keep track of my progress in understanding how to use the SystemVision site as well as basic analog electronics. To that end, I need a way to keep track of variations on the circuit, "archiving" each one to keep them as reference material as I progress. Think of this as a poor-mans design version control system of a sorts. 

The point here is that I want to eliminate wasted motion of having to login, repeatedly, each time that I open up a link to another design page where that link is in the description of the current design.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login to SystemVision (Must be logged in to demonstrate this)
  2. Navigate to any design whose description has a link to another "node" URL back into a separate design within SystemVision. Example is in whereby I link to
  3. Within the browser (I'm using FireFox with AdBlock Plus disabled since it interferes with the Sharing button ... causes the sharing options to be a blank window when clicked upon), right mouse click on the link at and Open Link in New Tab.
  4. The browser opens the window in a new tab, but that page thinks that I'm not logged in. See the LOG IN button in the upper right and not the avatar for my user. It is here that I would expect it to leave me logged in.
  5. Compare that to clicking on the Designs button, right mouse click on a existing design, and Open Link in New Tab. See that the new window opens up but tracks that I'm logged in.

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