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Jacobjoined August 20, 2017

posted Tuesday, August 22, 2017 | 12:53 am PDT

Hi all,

How to save a component with filled proper property values - e.g. MOSFET as IRF5210?
I put MOSFET transistor item on my schematic and filled the properties from the MOSFET datasheet. Everyhing works fine.
But how to save this IFR5210 model? I would like to use it in some other design/schematic and do not fill the same values again...

Best regards,


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Save Custom Component

Hi Jacob,


Thank you for choosing SystemVision Cloud for your design and schematic work! To save a component with specific property values, it is best to create the component with the "Create New Component" button. From here, you can create the IRF5210 using the datasheet model builder, and when you complete this it will be saved in the "My Components" section of your part library. This section applies to all of your designs, so you can use this component in some other design or schematic without having to refill the same values.