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Johnny Bjoined November 26, 2015

posted Tuesday, April 25, 2017 | 12:07 pm PDT

Hello SV Team,

I have noticed a slight incompatibility with the intended import feature and the PADS lineup.

  1. Situation: As everyone is aware, PADS comes in four flavors - AMS, Standard, SP, and Pro. It seems that we can import SystemVision designs into any flavor, but VHDL simulation is only possible with the Pro and AMS tools. Standard and SP users can only use the SPICE simulator.
  2. Problem: I purchased PADS SP because AMS doesn't quite have all of the features that I need, and Pro was not within my budget. However, there is no upgrade path for Standard and SP users that want to add the VHDL simulator to HyperLynk Analog. The feedback from Oasis is that there are no upgrade paths for HyperLynx Analog and/or Eldo. 
  3. Question: Would a SystemVision license add that capability to HyperLynx Analog, or would the simulator still be missing the VHDL functionality? How can PADS Standard and SP users make use of the SV import tool without the VHDL simulator?

All the Best,


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AMS Cloud And PADS Import

Hi John,

The short answer is that the import tool will make it easier for you to move your design from the design stage, online, to a PCB implementation offline with PADS.  To get the same level of simulation as SystemVision Cloud, offline, in any of the PADS versions, requires purchase of the SystemVision desktop tools. It turns out that these are typically beyond the budget of most PADS customers.

SystemVision Cloud is designed to be an alternative that is an accessible, easy-to-use, and convenient new way to model and simulate circuits and systems. You can use SystemVision Cloud to model and simulate your designs, online, even for free.  If you buy one of our subscription options, you can use SystemVision Cloud with an unlimited number of private designs (with any of the paid subscriptions) and even collaborate in workgroups (with the professional and professional plus options).  These options are available only online, however, so there isn't any licensing connection to the desktop simulation offerings.




Great, thank you for the

Great, thank you for the feedback Darrell.