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Rob Shaverjoined March 11, 2017

posted Sunday, March 26, 2017 | 10:53 pm PDT

How does SystemVision stack up against MathWorks?

I've never used it, but one difference is that MathWorks costs quite a bit. It also seems to consist of many different modules.

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I Recommend SystemVision But You Have to Judge for Yourself

My experience started from circuit simulation (Spice) and broadened to system simulation (SystemVision and its competitors :-).  I've never run Matlab or Simulink but I have seen these tools in use. Embedded software is an important application supported by Mathlab tools, which include automatic code generation for target microcontrollers.

I priced Mathworks products more than ten years ago. The basic Matlab software costs very little but you need to add on numerous toolboxes for any practical application. That's what drives the prices up.

Nevertheless, when I surf the web I find references to Matlab/Simulink as widespread as apple pie. Every scientist, mathemetician, engineer and student seems fluent in Matlab/Simulink even if they've never heard of SystemVision or VHDL.

If you want a balanced comparison I recommend that you look at both sides, i.e.,

as well as

And don't forget some of the other competitors such as Comsol's Solidworks At the end of the day it comes down to knowing what you want to do with the tool. From my perspective SystemVision Cloud is a breakthrough that belongs in every engineer's toolbox, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries.