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Rob Shaverjoined March 11, 2017

posted Sunday, March 26, 2017 | 10:48 pm PDT

I'm new to SystemVision and it looks like it has some amazing abilities. Thanks for making it available.

Does SystemVision support digital system design? Does it support complex digital parts? I'm guessing the answer is NO.

It might support drawing schematics but I don't see how it could simulate uProcessors and the like.

I do see that this might be a great system to work out the math of control systems that are to be implemented in the code of such uProcessors though. Please expand on this or correct me if I missed something.

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Does SystemVision Support Digital System Design?

Hi Rob,

The sweet spot for SystemVision is for system-level design, where the system includes analog and digital electronic components, sensors & actuators, control systems concepts, and multi-discipline loads & effects (e.g., thermal, magnetic, mechanical, etc.).  As you mentioned, it's convenient to use SystemVision to model the software algorithms, but we don't yet provide an interface to embedded software code on this cloud implementation. 

SystemVision features the VHDL-AMS language, which is a superset of digital VHDL.  Consequently, you can model sophisticated digital and mixed-signal parts.  In practice, though, SystemVision is not targeted at pure VHDL simulation such as one would use for ASIC or FPGA design.  Mentor has other products, such as Questa and others, which are targeted squarely at digital circuit verification.