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Luigi Francesco Cerfedajoined April 14, 2016

posted Tuesday, April 26, 2016 | 12:14 pm PDT

Hi guys,

is the simulation done in SPICE? is it possible to export the netlist of the circuit?

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Exports in general

Yes SPICE models are accepted as per the sign up email. Haven't used it so I'm not sure about export. I'd be more interested in a circuit diagram export for PCB layouts. I wonder if there will be an open API? Dreams of 1 D component ordering for average connected copper routing, A Hilbert curve initial place, a bit of rotation and synthetic annealing, an inter component space zoom, a set of route bundles shortest first, select layer options, click order ...

One can but dream.

Status update

So, any way to export a diagram (in a non-image format) to continue developing in another program?

Export schematics

We provide a plugin for the schematic tool in our PADS and Xpedition environments.  This allows you to directly import your online SystemVision schematic into our PCB design schematic environments.

See this blog for more information:

Import Your SystemVision Cloud Design Into The PADS PCB Environment

You may also find this troubleshooting guide to be useful:

The SystemVision® Cloud Import Tool Troubleshooting Guide