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Ramirojoined April 29, 2016

posted Sunday, May 1, 2016 | 4:04 am PDT

Hi everybody.


I´ve just tried the SystemVision tool for 1 day and i have  to say it is remarkably simple and user friendly. My first project is an air compressor driven by an pulsating linear electromagnetic actuator and i have to say that all i need to accomplish it was there and very handy!

Congratulations for the team for creating this nice  tool!

As suggestions for the moment i have:


- Allow to create for subsystems in the simulation. This will make the diagram much simpler and will increase esthetics. As a first step, maybe just the possibility to include a group of elements in a simple square with a name will be of help.

- I am feeling the lack of a "sink" in the Continuous Function Blocks. Something like a terminator in MathLab's Simulink.

- Make the top menu bar retractable to allow  for more space in the screen. This is  also valid for the edition bartool at the top.

-  Allow for the inclusion of figures in background. They make the graph much nicer and are easy to  implement because they have no functionality in the simulation.

I had some difficulties with one or other  block but most probably this is due to my lack of experience with the tool.


Again, congratulations for the good job. For sure i will be using it for many projects.






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Re the 'sink'

Re the 'sink'

I was missing this too til I discovered you just need to attach a wire to the output pin and leave the other end disconnected - you can probe that if need be.

I agree, a useful tool, but still finding my way round it... :)


Good hint. I will try it.






useful features

Hi Ramiro,

Thanks for the great feedback! We're so happy to hear that you like SystemVision Cloud.

Have you discovered the "Enter Full Screen Mode" button?  It's at the right end of the toolbar (the toolbar at the top center of the schematic). This gives you maximum working real estate for your screen.

Also, have you discovered the "Create New Component"->"From Schematic" functionality?  This provides for rudimenary hierarchy in design.  This is our first offering in this area, so stay tuned for more capabilites in this area over time.

Darrell Teegarden


Hi Darrell.


I tried the Full Screen button and it worked great. 

Regarding the component creation from schematic i haven´t tried it yet. I will do it when my  model is more mature.