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bgoodrjoined January 13, 2018

posted Sunday, January 21, 2018 | 10:43 am PST

See picture below for my request. I often just need to get the link to the design (the sharable one with "node" in the URL so as to allow me to change the title multiple times without creating a risk of linkrot wherever I store that link elsewhere), and also via gmail to invite others to view the link.  I have gotten quite used to, and dependent upon, these two sharing methods via my Android devices, and would like to have these specific two sharing options in the SystemVision website.


Kudos on a great website, by the way!


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An alternative

Subsequent use of the web site shows that you do have a "permalink" link in the comments section. E.g.,:


So one alternative would be to have a "permalink" on each page, or add it to the drop down when the user clicks on the Share link (the latter might be best in terms of saving browser real-estate).