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joined May 31, 2019

posted Thursday, August 1, 2019 | 12:07 pm PDT

I am building a spice schematic of dc-dc converter model in System Vision Cloud. So while setting up the schematic, I was looking for a current source which can deliver the current based on an if condition. The netlist of the current source in pspice is

G_ABMI1         0 CTRL1 VALUE { if(i(V_V4)>80u,80u,i(V_V4))    }

. Node 1 is named as 0, node 2 is named as CTRL1 VALUE. The current source must deliver 80 micro amps if  node 1 has higher current than node 2 ( ctrl value ) , else it must deliver the same current from node 1 ( named as 0). So can anyone help me regarding this setup. Also, I want to know

[1}Is there any existing current control component based on if condition in system vision cloud ?

[2} If not, I am looking to copy the netlist of such component from pspice, make a model using that netlist in system vision cloud and then use the new model as a current component. So can this be possible?

Thanks in advance. 



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