How do I setup a di/dt ?

Created on Aug 31, 2018 | 4:42 pm / Last Updated 2 years ago

I have a series RLC circuit that is in series with a 10V DC Power supply and a switch initially open. 

R = 8, H = 8, C = 2

Two initial conditions are given i(0) = 0 and i'(0) = 5.

at t= 0 the switch is closed.

I am setting up this circuit on SystemVision.

My problem is: how do I setup up the i'(0) = 5 on System vision? As far as I know, SV only allows me to setup an initial current for the inductor or an initial voltage for the capacitor.

How do I do that?




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Would the initial voltage from the capacitor allow you to set up the context you're looking for?

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