Virtual Evaluation Board for NCV8876

This design is a “Live, Virtual Evaluation Board”. It represents the physical evaluation board for the NCV8876 Automotive Start-Stop Boost Controller IC, which is available from ON Semiconductor here:

The schematic includes all of the components on the evaluation board, as well as user specified external test apparatus. The user can modify various parameter values (as indicated in blue) and then run new simulations to see the effects of those changes, This "Live, virtual" testing of the NCV8876 and help the user gain a better understanding of its features and behavior.

The nominal simulation results show the output to the load during a fast battery drop-out and recovery. Note that in this particular test set-up, the output voltage (red waveform) is maintained above 6.0V during the drop-out transient, and regulates at 6.8V during sustained low voltage operation (3.0V, blue waveform).

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