Test Fuse Current-Time Characteristic

Design example from the Webinar: “Creating New Components, Part 1: Datasheet Model Builder”. View the archive presentation here:

Test the fuse's interrupt-time response to fixed current levels (i.e. the time-current characteristic).

Simply set the current function generator's Pulse value to the desired test level, and run the time-domain simulation with an end time that is sufficient for the fuse to interrupt. The current in the fuse will indicate the interrupt when it drops to near zero.

Note that the fuse has an internal "off" resistance of 1 MegOhm, to allow some leakage conduction after the interrupt. The 10 kOhm by-pass resistor will carry most of the source current after the fuse interrupts, but the voltage across the fuse will rise to high level and there will be some small residual current in the fuse.

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