TDFS Loop Stability for Buck DC to DC Converter - Switching

This design demonstrates the use of the TDFS (Time Domain Frequency Sweep) simulation method, to measure the open-loop frequency response of an operating closed-loop system containing switching elements.

The stability of the "Buck DC to DC Converter - Switching" design is assessed. This is a switching circuit, it does not use a state-average model for the modulator, so the standard AC Analysis method cannot be used. Rather, the frequency response is generated from time-domain simulation results. The TDFS approach can also be used for systems that contain sampling or digital control aspects.

This particular example is directly comparable to the design titled "TDFS Loop Stability for Buck DC to DC Converter - State Average". In that design, both the TDFS and AC Analysis methods are used to measure the open loop transfer function of an equivalent non-switching circuit.

Note that the approach used to characterize the loop stability, by injecting a small sinusoidal stimulus signal in series with the loop and then measuring the complex ratio of the ground referenced return signal to the injected signal, is described in:
D. Venable, “Testing Power Sources for Stability”, Venable technical paper #1, Venable Industries

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