Swept R-load circuit to calibrate a thermoelectric generator model (TEG)

This example shows the effect of sweeping the load resistance from 0 to 50 Ohms. The rate of change is one Ohm per second, so that the time value corresponds to the instantaneous load resistance value. The example TEG represents the device specified in the document: "TG Technical Data Sheet Guidelines - Preliminary" published by marlow industries, inc.

Note that the model shows the peak power output is 5.2 Watts,
as shown in the lower left waveform viewer (green waveform), and this occurs with a load resistance of 4.42 Ohm. The efficiency at that same load resistance is 0.0476 (4.76%), as shown in the lower right waveform viewer (orange waveform). These values correspond favorably with the data table in reference document. The model is a physics-based model that was characterized from several parameters given in the data table. But it can represent device behavior at any normal operating condition,

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