PMSM Motor and PWM Drive

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM) and PWM Drive circuit, with mechanical load. The drive includes a D-Q control algorithm, and uses space-vector modulation (SVM) to generate the digital PWM signals to the switches of the bridge.

The waveform plot in the upper left shows the drive command (light blue waveform), with values 0 to 1, where 1 is commanding the maximum quadrature current of 10 A. The motor's response is the output shaft angle in radians (orange waveform), and shows that increasing torque command results in greater rotational displacement against the load spring. The waveform plot in the upper right shows the actual motor torque (green waveform) and the A-phase current (dark blue waveform).

In a companion version of this design, "PMSM Motor And Ideal Drive", Clarke and Park Transform models are used with a continuous ideal voltage drive.This shows the ability to develop motor control and drives at the abstract level and at the circuit level.

In yet another version of this design example, the ideal switches will be replaced with actual power MOSFET device models. This can help in bridge component sizing and performance specification.

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