NCV887601BSTGEVB - Evaluation Board Test

This design is a “Virtual Evaluation Board”. It represents the physical evaluation board for the NCV8876 Automotive Start-Stop Boost Controller IC, which is available from ON Semiconductor here:,

The schematic includes all of the components on the evaluation board, as well as user specified external test apparatus. The user can perform virtual testing on the NCV8876 component, to gain a better understanding of its features and behavior. Please see the related blog article, which describes this component's application and benefits:

Simulation results show the output to the load during a fast battery drop-out and recovery. Note that in this particular test set-up, the output voltage (red waveform) is maintained above 6.3V during the drop-out transient, and regulates at 6.8V during sustained low voltage operation (2.6V, blue waveform).

Also shown are the current in the N-channel Power MOSFET (brown waveform), and the current in the Vishay-Dale soft-saturation inductor (purple waveform). For this boost application, the soft-saturation behavior helps prevent inductance collapse during brief over-current conditions. The datasheet for the IHLP5050FDER2R2M01 can be found here:

Note that the user can move the waveform probes around to see the voltage waveform on any other nets (i.e. “wires”), or the current, power and other signals inside any component. The user can also make a copy of this design and freely change any of the component values, then rerun the simulation and see the effect of those changes.

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