CAN Network Signaling

This 4-node CAN network model is a "Live" design, meaning the user can change or "tune" various parameters shown in blue, and then run a new simulation to see the corresponding change in the signals received at each CAN node. These "tunable" parameters include the transmission line lengths, termination and choke parameter values, as well as select which of the CAN nodes is the transmitter.

In the network configuration shown, the parasitic capacitance at Node 4 causes asymmetric transitions. This asymmetry would normally result in EMI-causing even-mode propagating currents on the transmission lines, but the choke greatly reduces this effect. One interesting change the user can make is to set the choke inductance values to 0.0, effectively removing the choke from the network, and note the increase in the even-mode voltage wave on the adjacent transmission line.

The user can also save a copy of this design and enjoy full editing capability of the network configuration.

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