Buck DC to DC Converter - save and regenerate waveforms

This design is a copy of Mike Donnelly's Buck DC to DC Converter modified to demonstrate data reduction for downloaded waveforms. For more information about the buck converter you can find Mike's design at

This design ramps up internal voltages for a simplified model of softstart. Mike's load transient is timed to activate after steady state. The L1 current rises after an initial spike. This current charges the output cap to generate a rising output voltage. That output voltage rises past the 5V setpoint until steady state sets in around 5.5V. After that Vout settles back to its steady state level. The load transient triggers disturbances in Vout at both edges of the transient.

For further analysis of steady state and line/load transients, an x-sampling voltage source is added to reduce the size of the .csv data and to skip over startup. Data reduced files are generated in an Excel post-processing session based on the x-sampling voltage peaks.

The reduced data can be read back into SystemVision or other appllications to display the waveforms,compare them to waveforms from another source or use them as sources in further simulations.

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