ACME AS123 LED Driver with Dimmer Control - Application Note

The AS123 LED Driver from ACME Semiconductor (fictional) provides fully integrated PWM dimming and a programmable current set-point. This IC is specifically for automotive rear combination (tail/stop) lighting applications. It tightly regulates the desired string current under conditions of widely varying applied DC voltage.

The PWM dimming function, which switches the LED on and off at just over 300 Hz, is active when the line input pin is high and the "PWM_disable" pin is low (< 6V). This PWM_disable pin should be connected to the stop/brake signal input, as shown in the application schematic. Then the PWM switching will stop when braking, providing full LED brightness.

The AS123 supports current programming using a single external resistor (see r_iset in the schematic). The resistor value can be selected to give the desired LED string current, using the following formula:

r_iset = 1.85/i_desired

The AS123 is capable of regulating up to 100mA per string continuously. Therefore the value of r_iset should be no less than 18.5 Ohms. The user can change this resistor value and run a new simulation, to see the effect of this change on the LED string current.

See a "functional block diagram" schematic model of the ACME AS123 here:

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