8 Bit ALU

Idea is to create ALU out of commonly found threw hole IC for bread board computer. Load in 2 numbers all functions are calculated in parallel. Function selection is done by gating the output of the desired function to the output register.

Input: RegA 8 bit
RegB 8 bit
ControleWord 6 bit active low signals

Output: 16 bit

[mult_out, OR_out, AND_out, comparator_out, add_sell, sum_out]

Note: In the final design because the multiplication circuit is expensive and takes up a lot of room I suggest cheating and using 2x GLS29EE010 EEPROMs. Has 16 bit address so we can use 2 of them and just program in a multiplication table. One outputs 8 MSB(Most Significant Bits) and the other outputs the 8 LSB(Least Significant Bits).

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