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I didn't see a JFET model in your analog components.  I have some low noise capacitive sensor preamps I'd like to try and model but need JFET models.  Any suggestions? 

Is there a SPICE model import capability?

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I'm sorry, but we don't have a JFET "datasheet" model yet. As you know, we have these generic models for BJT and MOSFET that can be characterized or parameterized from available datasheet information, so they can be made to fairly accurately match many part-numbered components. We will add JFET to our list for the future.

To your second question, we are just about to release a SPICE import capability, so at that time you will be able to bring in your favorite SPICE JFET model. Please stay tuned!


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George, what is the part number of the component that you were interested in?


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I have similar problem, I would like to use jfets (e.g. U404, 2N5460, 2N3820).

György Kövesdi


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