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posted Thursday, June 27, 2019 | 9:12 am PDT

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Defining initial conditions

I am trying to develop a simple heater system.

I have issue in getting a correct intial temperature. I woudl have thought that it starts at 20 degreeC as defined as intial condition. But it starts at 540degree.

Any clue about this?



Here are two different ways you can accomplish what you appeared to be attempting.

You probably want the thermal capacitance and resistance to be in parallel. The initial temperature for the capacitor is a delta-T, so if you want it to be at ambient (20 C) you should make this delta-T 0.0.

The other approach is to start the circuit out unpowered and let the quiescent value naturally find the ambient temperature.


Thank you Darrell. I

Thank you Darrell. I understand the point.