Creating Controlled Sources in the SystemVision Design environment

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Updated 27 Sept. 2018 10:21 PM US-EDT

We used to be asked: “Why doesn’t the SystemVision design environment have a Voltage Controlled Voltage Source (VCVS), or a Current Controlled Current Source (CCCS)?”. These are common behavioral modeling blocks in many circuit simulators, but we didn't provide them because we had something better, more powerful/flexible. We eventually came to our senses and said "We should have both!" ... So now you can find those old friends in our Analog Electronics Category, or just by searching for VCVS, CCCS, etc. in the component search window.

But we still have that more powerful/flexible controlled source modeling capability too! SystemVision Cloud provides a fully compatible framework for the user to graphically create any “X controlled - Y source” by simply placing and connecting a few key building-blocks right on the schematic. It is well suited for a multi-discipline simulation environment.

You can easily select any voltage, current, force, temperature, etc. to be the control variable, by placing a converter block model on the schematic to detect it and make it a continuous control quantity. Next, you can choose any math function or behavioral model to process that control variable, including gains, filters, limiters, etc.; you can even use binary operators, like sum or multiply, to model multi-input controlled sources. Finally, the processed control quantity can be converted to any desired voltage, current, flux, heat-flow, etc. as the controlled source’s output.

If that sounds complicated, it’s not. Just watch the short video below to learn how you can use this easy but powerful approach for your behavioral modeling needs. Also, you can find the design example used in this video here:

Creating Controlled Sources and Sensors:

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Hi Mike,

Although I like your way of thinking, I think most *starting* SV users would prefer to have controlled sources as they know them from SPICE right out of the box, and discover the more powerful methods only after having familiarized themselves with the simulator, instead of the other way around :-)  

Hi Marcel,

Thank you for your insightful comment. In fact, some time ago I had the same realization and I did add VCVS, VCCS, CCVS and CCCS models to SystemVision Cloud! You can find them all under the Analog Electronics category in the component browser. Just look for "Voltage Source - Voltage Controlled (VCVS)", "Voltage Source - Current Controlled (CCVS)", etc.

Your helpful comment has indicated two critical actions I need to take at this point. One is that I need to make sure that if a user searches in the component browser for "VCVS", he actually finds the "Voltage Source - Voltage Controlled" model. That does not work at this time, I'll investigate and fix. Also, I clearly need to change this old blog post to reflect that we do have VCVS, VCCS ... models in our library, and how to find them. I think our additional capability, that users can make any combination of "X controlled Y source", is still very powerful, But as you say, users should be able to start with the familiar, and now they can.

Thank you so much!


Update 27 Sept. 2018 10:21 PM US-EDT: All the relevant edits have been made to the blog above. We also now have search working for the controlled sources VCVS, VCCS, etc. Thanks again for your helpful comments Marcel!

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Hy thank you for your tutorial it really helped me out. I just wondered how do you do those pencil with the wavesforms ? It seems really convenient to work !

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Are you asking how to use waveform probes?  Simply click on the probe icon from the toolbar and drag it to the wire or component from which you want to view data.

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