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Downloading Waveform Results in SystemVision Cloud

When using SystemVision Cloud in modeling and design, the results of simulations can be valuable for a variety of reasons. Whether your using SystemVision Cloud's multi-discipline simulation engine to measure voltage or velocity, the output data can be useful and applicable outside of the application environment. Let's take a look at how to download simulation results.

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Managing PWM Waveforms, Part 1 - Data Reduction

This is the first part of a three-part series on special handling of PWM waveforms. The first two parts deal with the large amount of data involved. The last part deals with precise characterization in the presence of switching cycle “noise.” I am honored to post this article, which was created by one of our talented community members, a modeling and simulation expert and my friend, Norm Elias:

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Get the Heat Out! … Electronic-Thermal Design Modeling

We have recently added a number of new electro-thermal models to our Component Library. These models represent devices that are either temperature sensing/control elements, or electronic components that dissipate significant power and may require thermal analysis. These models include:

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TDFS Part 3 – Impedance Measurement for Switching Converters and Power System Stability Analysis

In this final installment of my series on TDFS (Time Domain Frequency Sweep) analysis, I’ll focus on measuring impedance vs. frequency. I’ll first demonstrate the method by showing the measurement of input impedance for a switching power converter. Then I’ll extend that method to analyze the “impedance stability” of a distributed power system. Power systems may include many DC to DC converters, some acting as sources and other as loads.

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The SystemVision® Cloud Import Tool Troubleshooting Guide

What Is This Import Tool You Speak Of?

It’s a plugin for Mentor PADS PCB tools that allows you to import the designs and components that you create here. There’s a great blog about it here. If you're a registered PADS user, you can upgrade your SystemVision® Cloud subscription here.

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Is it a Wire or a Transmission Line?

Question: When is a wire or cable a transmission line?

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Controlling Motors with the Talon SRX

Do you struggle to understand how to use the Talon SRX controller effectively?  What is PID and PIDF?  How does feedback control work?  What is feed-forward control? How are values of P, I, D, & F determined? How is the new Talon SRX "motion profile" feature supposed to be used?  

If these are your questions, this blog is for you.  

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Waveform Measurements Are Here!

Many of you have asked us to provide an easy way to analyze waveforms in SystemVision Cloud.  Well, the wait is over!

Watch this short video to see what you can do with these new Waveform Analysis Tools.

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TDFS Part 2 – Closed Loop Stability Analysis for Switching and Sampled-Data Circuits and Systems

Stability is an essential quality of most practical circuits and systems. A traditional stability metric for closed-loop control systems is gain and phase margin, based-on the open-loop transfer function (OLTF) or frequency response. A special physical measurement technique for obtaining the OLTF of an operating closed-loop system, pioneered by Dean Venable* in the 1980s, involves injecting a small sinusoidal stimulus in series with the loop, and measuring the absolute signal levels at the injection site.


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