SystemVision Cloud: A New Online Environment for Robotic System Design

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This on-demand webinar, below, describes SystemVision® Cloud, a new, free, online design and simulation environment uniquely suited for analyzing and improving robotic systems.

Robotic systems are complex. The interaction of analog and digital electronics, mechanics, sensors, actuators, and control systems can make it difficult to predict if a particular system design will robustly and reliably meet the system requirements.

The SystemVision environment’s model-based design methodology provides a virtual system test bench for evaluating design ideas, analyzing parametric choices, optimizing performance, and jump-starting production.

This webinar will focus on electric motor speed and position control examples, taken from the 2016 First Robotics Competition (FRC).

What You Will Learn

  • How to access the new SystemVision environment
  • How to model and simulate systems that include motors, motor drives, mechanical loads, position and speed sensors, and feedback control algorithms (such as PID controls)
  • How to predict system performance, such as force, speed, response time, stability, and energy consumption
  • How to use simulation to detect reliability issues, such as motor overheating



Examples from webinar

The following examples are presented in the webinar.  You can interact with these designs directly (try moving probes to different wires and/or components). Click on "View in" to see more details.

 FRC CIM Motor Spin-Up

This circuit models the initial spin-up of a CIM motor, from stopped to full-speed.

FRC CIM Motor Energize Spring

This example shows using a CIM motor to energize a rotational spring, storing energy.

FRC PID Angle Control

This example shows feedback control of a motor positioning system.


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